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Awesome White Glass Table

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  • premium chrome oval back painted glass modern table with power data show with chairs
  • White-Flight Table
  • Flight Metal Maple Table
  • Metal flight Table

Product Description

The Awesome White Glass Table is a race track pure white conference table with metal base legs. This light and contemporary table is offered in just about any shape and size with ability for custom sizes. IT will love all the power and data options.

The Awesome White Glass Table is shown as a large racetrack top which is a nice alternative to rectangular and round tops. Looking for a different shaped top? This table is offered in Rectangular, Boat, Oval, Square, Round and V for video conference.

The leg options are mirror or anodized aluminum or white painted base. New colors for painted base includes bronze.

Top options: Glass tables are two layers of glass with color core inserted in between which gives the table a stately presence and nice edge glow. The standard colors are white and blue–beyond that we offer custom colors.

Power and data are seamlessly integrated into the table with wire trough below the work surface. Pull wires from table to floor will use a cable conduit that will conceal but not fully hide wires. Check out the gallery of images and you’ll see something that looks like an elephant’s trunk table to floor. That is the conduit.

This fine collection is offered in glass, wood veneer and laminate on about a 6-8 week lead-time.