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Acoustic Wall Art Tiles

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Product Description

Acoustic Wall Art Tiles create vibrant wall sculpture while correcting and balancing and absorbing sound. The Acoustic Wall Art Tiles are offered in 12 colors and two sizes. Tiles mount easily to the wall. Tiles are easy to tip and rotate giving you more freedom to invent any design to decorate your walls.  Acoustic Wall Art Tiles are also available ceiling hung and on a pole or totem. The ceiling hung tiles can mount anywhere or hand from a steel strucutre as shown in the photos. We offer consultation on recommended tiles site specific to your room’s dimension and function. Acoustic performance of NRC 1.0 is achieved  with an ISO standard of  11654. Low mid and high frequencies are absorbed through the unique shape and construction. The outer surface is a soft looking polyester which is highly durable and easy to clean. The panels are 100% recyclable. No formaldehyde is used. Fire and smoke Class A flame spread and smoke development UL 723 ASTM E 84. Choose from 12 colors. Approximate size is 23″ x 19″, 26″ x 32″. The totem stands 67″ high is free standing and can be easily relocated. Soon to be released LED back lighting! Wow. We love the colors and freedom to create beautiful designs while correcting noise. These are appropriate for every room in office and home. They are eye candy that work to improve your space. Contact Mar to start your quote.