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Modern Silver Metal Table

Modern Silver Metal Table
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Product Description

The Modern Silver Metal Table is a very versatile conference table with state of the art IT power and data features.

6 week lead-time

Top shapes: Rectangular, Racetrack, Boat, Square, Round, Ellipse.

Sizes: small to large including custom. Finishes: any color laminate top or wood veneer top in many standard fine wood options. Exotic woods quoted upon request. Stain to match offered.

The metal frame structure is standard  in anodized aluminum with the option for a mirror polish or painted column center. Leg standard finishes include black and red. Custom colors like orange, blue, green etc offered. The Modern Silver Metal Table has a super cool power and data trough feature where you can change up the interior color. You’ll notice the photo shows a red interior. We’ve customized this table in orange in place of the red!   The Modern Silver Metal Table is very IT friendly and can be ordered with just the number and type of jacks you want or order blanks and have your IT fill them. There about 4 pages of jacks to choose from. There is the wide trough for power and data boxes or individual metal power and data units. There is also matching door covers on the power and data. The  Top shapes are shown also for quick reference in the gallery photos. This is premium quality product from start to finish with the best carrier service we’ve ever seen. This means freight damage is almost unheard of. This is also offered in a high-end bench desking system in which the tables have a smart state of the art high-end wire management system for open space bench desking. This premium table collection is built to order and we quote out per your size and style request. Contact Mar for full information.