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White Modern Stitched Leather Chair

White Modern Stitched Leather Chair
  • White Modern Stitched Leather Chair
  • White Leather Economical Designer Chair
  • White Economical chair Back View
  • White Thin Modern Stitched Leather Chair
  • White Black Economical Leather Chairs
  • Designer High End White Chrome Conference Chairs
  • Grey leather economical designer chair
  • Mid Back Euro Design Chair
  • Red Leather Economical Designer Chair
  • Red Classic Channel Stitched Conference Chair
  • Brown leather Retro Channel Stitched Drafting Stool
  • Slim Leather Retro Channel Stitched Drafting Chair
  • Black Silver Drafting Chair Retro Slim
  • Black Retro Channel Stitched Drafting Chair
  • Euro Design Conference Chair
  • Modern Grey Stitched Leather Conference Chair Back

Product Description

The White Modern Stitched Leather Chair is a classic modern design that offers a quick lead time in an affordable price point.

Quick & Fast 48 hour lead-time plus shipping. Great designer knock off chair with especially nice detailing for the price. Starting price below $320. This is just about as low as it gets delivering great lines. No on will know you saved big on the price tag!

The White Modern Stitched Leather Chair is a great go to chair for contemporary conference rooms when you need to stay within budget.  Shown is the mid back white re-engieered leather  channel stitched seat and back with polished aluminum base. The features a simple fixed chrome arm with seat height adjustment,tilt adjustment and swivel. These are great value engineered cost effective chairs on a quick ship. They are the best Designer Chair knock offs we’ve found on the market. They are extremely comfortable. The thin profile works great with modern conference tables. This style does not offer the traditional padded seat. It’s more like sitting in a volvo seat which is a bit more stiff than American standards. The chair is offered in Black, Brown, Red, Grey and White leather. The leather is not cut from a single hyde of leather but is composed of real leather pieces. The re-engineered leather is soft to the touch and breathes which most faux leather VINYLS do not!  The chair is offered on casters in high back and mid back option and on glides for meetings and side pull up chairs. New for 2016 is the Drafting Chair model! We love this drafting stool new addition. The red leather is also a new color. Quick ship usually in about a week! This is a great chair for conference and meeting areas. We don’t recommend this a primary desk chair as it does not have enough ergonomic adjustments to be an eight hour a day desk chair. This is appropriate for home offices. Check out the original designer chairs around the conference table. The look is the same at a fraction of the original design price. See photo for example of chair’s overall appearance. The option for glides is also shown in the photos.