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Striped Glass Boat Table

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  • Striped Glass Boat Table
  • White Glass Metal TAble
  • Marble Modern Table

Product Description

Striped Glass Boat Table is an eloquent modern statement featuring state of the art back painted glass.  Striped Glass Boat Table is shown with a highly mirrored polished metal base and metal substructure. The base is in a panel style.

Premium table on extended lead-time 9 weeks approximate.

Built to order and quoted upon request. Quotes can take several dates. Shop drawings provided with purchase order.

The Striped Glass Boat Table is a highly customizable table. Top dollar materials and labor make this a perfect executive conference room choice.

The glass top is offered in glossy or satin glass finish. If you are looking for other colors other than white we offer many colors including custom colors. Table metal base style structure base is offered in other metal finishes ranging from the mirror finish to satin and powder coated paint finish including black. Table top shapes include smaller round and square meetings tables.

We’re happy to work with on quoting the perfect table to fit your space. Matching credenzas are offered as well. Matching modern credenzas are available in any finish color in many sizes and heights. Low credenzas are in right now for the most modern impact.

Contact Mar to start a quote. 310 213-9551 If you need help figuring out the size table you need check out our conference room planning guide.