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Maxi Flex Modern Desk

Maxi Flex Modern Desk
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  • Maxi Flex Office Desk
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Product Description

The Maxi Flex Modern Desk is an innovative articulating desk with side sit to stand station. The Maxi Flex Desk provides more options for space management. The desk pivots on the credenza which can be fully straightened or pulled into a 90 degree work surface. The side sit to stand station is perfect for working off to the side while leaving your desk facing forward clear for meetings. Modern new use of the side runs off credenza is perfect for small printers and binder storage. The Maxi Flex Modern Desk offers creative ways of working. This line has a slight Mid Century feel but is so innovative we’ve not seen anything that offers all the ergonomics with smart design. There aren’t enough photos to properly illustrate this full line offering. Fixed metal wood top tables are offered to compliment this collection. There is also a full sit to stand matching table desk.  To get a feel for this collection click through the gallery. Everything you see in the photos is offered. The color options are vast so you have to a little imagination as it’s impossible to photograph all the colors offered. This collection is a perfect modern office desk which can also be used in homes, lofts and other public spaces.  We’re happy to over all the options and colors to start a quote. People always ask us what size does this come in. When planning office desks we’l ask you what size do you need? Yes we have standard sizes and shapes to go over which are too overwhelming to list on this web page. Lead-time is about 6 weeks .  Contact and phone Mar at 818 478-144. We’re in Burbank, CA and ship and delivery nation wide.