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Green Glass Boards Acoustic Boards

Green Glass Boards Acoustic Boards
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Product Description

The Green Glass Boards Acoustic Boards  are new for 2106! Mix and match Acoustic Felt Boards and write on glass boards to create dramatic wall designs with purpose and function. The Green Glass Boards Acoustic Boards are 100%  personalized by your choice of 13 metal colors, 15 acoustic fabric colors and 5 different acoustic 3-D textures! Oh and choose from 150 standard glass colors or your custom color, graphic or logo! The glass board surface is starphire true clear back painted glass which will not stain! Sharpies work great as do paint pens and clean easily. The panels are one standard size 48″h x 23.3″ w and mount to wall on hinge. When not using the glass boards switch to the sound absorption side providing a noise reduction coefficient of .8-1.1. Not only is the 3-D texture a design element it’s working to help balance your room. Turn around time can’t be beat at about 2-3 weeks for most products. Order as many boards as you need or combine them with wall mounted glass boards. Matching wall mounted and mobile glass boards with option to order acoustic panels on the back side now available. Acoustic panels and tiles are gaining popularity in the US market. This goes a step beyond in providing dual functionality in a stylish designer package. Slick and fun the possibilities are endless. Contact Mar for full information and to start a quote.