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Elite Black Glass Board Divider

Elite Black Glass Board Divider
  • Elite Black Glass Board Divider
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Product Description

The Elite Black Glass Board Divider is a new line offering of  small, medium, large and extra large rolling glass boards.The Elite Mobile Glassboards are offered in any color back painted glass. Boards are double sided and you can choose two different colors per board. The boards feature a smaller wheel foot print which allows you to easily slide it alongside work stations and work desks. Up to this point good looking mobile write on glass boards have been very limited in size options. This is the first time we are seeing a full range of board sizes in any color. Choose from 10 different frame colors. Choose from 125 standard paint colors! Custom graphics and custom colors are easy and quick to order. The glass is non-staining write on with anything including sharpies, paint pens and dry erase markers. The glass is easily cleaned with windex.

The Elite Black Glass Board Divider are perfect for open office floor plans, home offices, private offices, public spaces. Use in lofts, apartments and retail spaces. These premium glass boards are offered with a Magnetic option. Choose your color of frame to further customize the boards. The Elite Black Glass Board Divider is premium quality and sturdy. The wheels are easy to move and the sheer weight of the boards provide enough stability that wheels do not require locks!  Easy to clean with dry eraser or windex if you are using paint pens.  The boards can also be ordered with an acoustic sound absorbing fabric as well! That is totally rad and new for 2017.

This premium glass board is on about a about 4 week lead-time. There are matching wall mount glass boards as well. Offered in 150 standard colors we’re sure you’ll find the perfect color. If not we offer custom color match, custom graphics, logos. Anything that can be printed on paper can be printed on these boards with equal definition of art work. Contact us for options and pricing.