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New White Contemporary Office Furniture

New White Contemporary Office Furniture
  • New White Contemporary Office Furniture
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  • New Contemporary Office Desk
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Product Description

New White Contemporary Office Furniture mixes high quality laminate and metal to create flexible open work spaces.  The New White Contemporary Office Furniture features a full range of freestanding, L Shaped and U shaped stations including open space bench desking. This is the freshest private office mid price range high quality laminate collections we’ve seen. We’re not posting a lot of photos here. For full information and photos contact Mar to discuss your office desk needs. We’ve seen a lot of desk lines come and go. We’re super excited by this desk collection which is offering more color selections akin to European standards on a 4 week plus shipping lead-time! That has been unheard of until now. Again we’re not flooding the site with an abundance of photos. If you like what you see you’ll love all the options. Contemporary storage with choice of glossy color accents beyond the standard white and black. Wall mounted display shelving borrows from European residential high-end design. The trend in offices is to soften the corporate look warming up the space with more attention to good design rather than the grim purely functional furniture of the old school past. Again we like this collection for it’s flexibility in colors, configurations and for it’s quick lead-time: 4 weeks!