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All Black Architectural Conference Table

All Black Architectural Conference Table
  • All Black Architectural Conference Table
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Product Description

All Black Architectural Conference Table. Shown is an all black Rectangular table with power data. Available in any laminate color and any color powder coated leg. Standard conference table sizes are 96″ x 48″, 120″ x 48″ 144″, 168″ and on up. Custom sizes possible.  Fabulous steel structure design makes this a unique invention. Available in rectangular or new boat shaped top. Power and data offered. Also available in a standing height bistro table, and a table tennis multi use table and folding table. Great for collaborative spaces and large open rooms. There is a matching desk line as well! On about a four week lead-time. If you need help with table size figuring out what will fit into your space check out the conference room planning guide. For matching conference chairs you can go with a standard rolling five star base chair or think about a lighter look in the side chairs on either four posts or sled bases. Side Chairs. Check out the conference chairs  here Conference Chairs. We are always available to help you with design selections and make recommendations. Laminate color tops: The standard is white but we can quote and laminate line in any color and pattern. The All Black Architectural Conference Table can be customized to make a signature look for your office. This makes a great table for any part of the office. Use as an open space collaborative table. Use as an executive table desk. Great for lofts and residential use. Wonderful for retail and hospitality. Note the carpet is contract tiles which can be ordered individually and laid out like tiles to create the effect you see. If you want more design inspiration for colors,walls and flooring check out our Orange Alert Blog for images and The New Black. Contact Mar for full information and pricing.