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Collection/Desks/ Executive Standing Desks
(click on photo for larger image)

new for 2013 executive wood with leather insert wood sit to stand desk electric liftesd1

Executive Standing desk in cherry is offered in two sizes:
72" x 36" and 66" x 30"
Custom Sizes available upon request.

Electric height adjustment from 29"- 48.5".

Contact Mar for pricing:
(310) 213-9551

Features built in aluminum power/data center, pencil drawer, brushed stainless steel leg caps, 150 lb weight capacity, optional cpu holder ,push button height adjustment. Also available at fixed height 29". Custom fixed height quotes available.

Above shown 72" x 36" new leather inset standing wood desk with new full modesty panel and matching 96" storage credenza with aluminum framed frosted acrylic doors and overhead hutch and task light. Acrylic wood framed modesty panel.

modern new sit to stand wood exectuive desk 2013esd2
New leather inset standing wood desk with new full modesty panel. 72" x 36" Also available with wood top.
modern wood leather inset wood sit to stand executive deskesd3
New leather inset standing wood desk with new full modesty panel. 72" x 36" Also available with wood top.
executive wood sit to stand bowfront desk shown with matching storage credenza behind the deskesd4
New Bowfront Sit to Stand desk with modern storage behind the desk. Storage includes bookcase rased on metal feet, low retro credenza, aluminum and frosted glass hutch with tall wardrobe credenza. All storage units are modular and can be ordered separately. Various sizes offered. Quoted upon request.
executive bow front wood sit to stand desk  new bowfront exectutive wood sit to stand deskesd5
New Bowfront executive wood sit to stand desk.
exectuive wood standing deskesd6
Above shown 72" x 36" standing wood desk with matching 72" storage credenza with aluminum framed frosted acrylic doors and overhead hutch and task light. Acrylic wood framed modesty panel.
new natural wood edge available on the executive sit to stand wood desk  brown leather high chair for standing deskesd7
See High Chairs for standing desks link

matching wood conference tableesd8
new for 2012 retro styled natural wood edge table on chrome baseesd9
Natural Wood edge table on chrome legs now available in 1 13/16" thick top.
new natural wood edge available on the executive sit to stand wood deskesd10
New 2012: Natural Wood edge now available on the Executive Sit to Stand desk line, 1 1/4" thick.
natural wood edge executive standing deskesd11
Natural Wood edge Executive Sit to Stand Desk 72" x 36" shown.
executive standing desk features esd12
exectuive wood standing deskesd13
Executive Standing wood desk 72" x 36" shown with contemporary wood framed flat modesty panel. Matching storage credenza with Hutch featuring aluminum framed doors. Credenza available in different configurations including knee space credenza.

executive sit to stand solid wood american built desk with frosted glass and aluminum modesty panel frame electric lift esd14
Executive Standing desk shown with acrylic aluminum framed modesty panel. Also available with full aluminum metal front aluminum frame. Storage credenza with hutch and aluminum framed frosted acrylic doors.

standing desk with aluminum framed acrylic frontesd15
Executive Standing desk shown with acrylic aluminum framed modesty panel.

Desks are available height adjustable, standard fixed height at 29" or custom fixed height.
executive wood sit to stand desk with full storage credenzaesd16
standing height executive wood desk with wood framed frosted acrylic modesty panel frontesd17
Executive Standing desk shown with wood framed frosted acrylic modesty panel.

standing wood desk with contemporary modesty wood frontesd18
Executive Standing desk shown with contemporary wood modesty panel.

executvie standing wood deskesd19
Executive Standing desk shown with traditional wood modesty panel.
executive sit to stand solid wood american made electric lift deskesd20
Executive Standing desk shown with frosted paneled front at 29"h and extended.

executive standing desk side profileesd21
Executive Standing desk side profiles:
Left 66" desk, Right 72" desk

raised deskesd22
Executive Standing desk raised
executive standing desk view from the sideesd23
Executive Standing desk 66"
*note modesty panel design is slightly different than the 72" desk.
mobile wood pedestal 24 executive stanading deskesd25
Matching mobile box-file pedestal works well with the standing height desk.
world side chairesd26
Matching chairs by the same manufacturer wood chairs link
full panel wood plinth desk matches sit to stand styleesd27
Matching plinth style Fixed Height 29": Full front modesty panels with metal details match the Sit to Stand Table Desk style.
NOTE: THESE DESK ARE ONLY SOLD AS FIXED HEIGHT STANDARD HEIGHT OF 29". Electric Lift Desks can not have hanging pedestals or storage. Instead of the storage being attached to the desk the standard is to use a MOBILE PEDESTAL.
plinth wood full panel desk front viewesd28
Plinth style desk at standard 29" fixed height only matches the sit to stand executive collection. This desk style not available as sit to stand desk.
silver plint option on the plinth deskesd29
Silver Plinth detail option on fixed height desk.
Matching credenzas
hutch and credenzaesd 30
Storage credenza with hutch, matching storage, lateral files, bookcases and knee space credenzas available. Custom sizes upon request.

matching credenza for standing desk wood esd31
Storage credenza with hutch featuring aluminum framed frosted doors.

full door hieght credenza and hutch matching standing wood deskesd32
Storage credenza with full glass door hutch.

Desk Features:
pencil drawr power for standing executive desk33
Pencil drawer and power/data port
modesty panel choices for executive standing deskesd34
Modesty Panel Options

Sit to Stand Ergonomics

1. Foot Rest: Looks simple. It's one of the the key ingredients to the perfect set up.

sit to stand workstations and desks new for 2010 esd35
foot rest seated     kick aside your chair and rest one foot on the foot rest to releave pressure on your lower backesd36
hi tech mesh stool for standing height desk custom laminate fixed height standing deskesd37
2. Drafting height Stool: Using a high stool or high chair will help you stand more.

We recommend leaving your standing desk at the most comfortable height. When you get tired of standing just sit. Put your feet up on the foot rest platform and you've got the most comfortable working solution. Hop off your chair when you need to. We believe these are the essential elements to a perfect standing desk. Remember if you stand 2 hours a day you burn an extra 200 calories while maintaining leg and back muscle conditioning. 200 calories a day = 20 lbs a year.

silver heavy duty ergonomic monitor armesd38

3. Monitor Height: You need a higher monitor lift for proper sight line.

The Free floating adjustable Monitor Arm frees up the desk space. Just using a monitor on stand is too low and will cause neck strain and improper sight line. Clamp mount and grommet mounts with bolt through desk. Other mounting options available. Silver, Chrome and black. Link

double monitor arm in silveresd39
Dual Arm monitor lift same as above. Need more? we can configure multiple monitors. Contact Mar for quote and specifications.
laptop monitor arm esd40
Laptop Holder for monitor arm: If you are using your laptop as a monitor screen this is perfect. Just use an external keyboard and mouse.
three monitor arm mount desk mountedesd41
three monitor arm desk mountesd42
Three monitor arm mount with the option of side by side or stack. Arm mounts up to 8 monitors. Ask Mar.
Research on Standing Desks
American Journal of Epidemiology July 22 2010 & American Cancer Society

"The obesity epidemic is attributed in part to reduced physical activity. Evidence supports that reducing time spent sitting, regardless of activity, may improve the metabolic consequences of obesity."Read Article

American Cancer Society "The authors conclude that “public health messages and guidelines should be refined to include reducing time spent sitting in addition to promoting physical activity. " Read Article

Contact Mar for pricing:
310 213-9551

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